Please pack in a couple of small soft duffel bags (NOT in hard suitcases), to facilitate loading in the small luggage compartments of the light aircraft that fly you from place to place. Your hand luggage should include your camera equipment, toiletries, medicines and a change of under clothes.

On internal flights, the total luggage limit, including hand luggage, is 33 pounds/15kgs per person.


Clothing: What to pack?

Kenya is casual. Please bring neutral colours. Remember, as there is lots of dust, khaki is always good. The best method of dress is layering. Early morning and evening game runs call for a sweater/fleece or windbreaker over a cotton long-sleeved shirt. A T-shirt or short-sleeved cotton shirt is good for mid-day. Hats are a must. Cotton or poly trousers, shorts, sneakers or comfortable hiking shoes are recommended.

Evenings are cool around the campfire but casual. A fleece with a light-weight turtle neck and jeans are perfect. Safari style jackets/vests are convenient for photographers with their many pockets for film, lenses etc.

For the Day:

  • 2 to 3 pairs of shorts, 5 to 6 cotton shirts, bathing suits.
  • enough underwear, socks and hankies.
  • sunscreen, 2 pairs comfortable walking shoes, hats or caps.

For the Evening – warm clothes for the cool:

  • 1 safari jacket, or 1 light weight jacket, or a fleece jacket or a wind breaker, 2 long sleeve shirts.
  • 2 pairs casual trousers.

Also remember to bring:

  • insect repellent (for the body) any special medications or prescriptions (bear in mind that you may not find your prescriptions in Kenya so bring enough).
  • extra pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses , contact lenses – as it is dusty bring ample cleaning solutions .
  • small, lightweight flashlight or head lamp, lotions, kleenex, moisturisers, lip balm.
  • personal cosmetics, toiletries, scarves, money belt, binoculars – extremely important.
  • camera with extra memory cards – you always take more pictures than you think.
  • adapters if necessary – Kenya uses a 240V (this is the same as the United Kingdom)

Tipping: What to tip?

While tipping and gratuities are not compulsory on your safari, they are always appreciated. We recommend the following when it comes to tipping our staff & guides:

  • For our camp staff, we suggest $10-15 US per person per day. This should be given to the hosts/managers at the end of your stay.
  • For your guide, we suggest $10-15 US per group per day.  This should be given to your guide at the end of your stay.