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Small Beginnings

June 6, 2013

“All great things have small beginnings” said Peter Senge, an expert in organizational learning.   As spring arrives and the buds push forth, I find myself thinking of this quotation.  And so to when I think about all the wonderful “beginnings” at our Bush and Beyond properties – some small and some quite large.  Beginnings such as the successful opening of Ekorian’s Mugie Camp, the addition of bush ponies at Sarara and the new mobile safari, Ol Malo Nomad.

Ekorian’s Mugie Camp (named after the Olive tree in the Turkana language) is located on the Mugie Sanctuary near Mugie Dam at the northern end of the Laikipia Plateau near Mount Kenya, where opportunities for wildlife viewing and bird watching are abundant.

The camp has six guest tents, each en suite, with thatched roofs and wooden deck floors and a central mess and dining tent.  While staying at Ekorian’s Mugie Camp, guests have access to activities like day and night game drives, guided walks, fly camping, bush meals, day to day cattle activities, fishing, kayaking, visits to Samburu and Pokot markets and walking with blood hounds during their daily exercises.

Optional extra activities include camel rides and golfing at Mugie Golf Course.  This is one of Kenya’s northernmost golf courses designed by Kenya’s most famous golf course designer.  The beautiful course has two-tier greens and is nestled among a grove of olive trees.  It offers a challenge for even the most experienced golfer.

The Mugie Sanctuary is 22,000 acres found within the Mugie Ranch.  The Sanctuary is home to 70 species of mammal including lion, cheetah, leopard, buffalo, elephant, eland and hyena.  There are many endangered species residing in Mugie including the Grevy’s Zebra and Jackson’s Hartebeest.    In 2009, the construction of an enormous 500 meter long dam wall was completed in the heart of the sanctuary.  This is Kenya’s third largest private dam.  A flash flood filled the dam overnight resulting in a beautiful 156 acre reservoir holding 1.3 billion liters of water.  The dam fulfills a vital role in providing water for the wildlife during times of drought.  Migratory birds from as far away as Siberia are attracted to the dam and are among over 280 bird species found on Mugie.  Bass and tilapia fishing is currently being introduced on the dam.

We are excited to announce that Sarara Camp now has bush ponies and is able to offer rides out in the bush or up in the Matthews Mountains.  There is nothing quite like experiencing the bush on a horse and as Winston Churchill once said “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” Sarara Camp is found within the lands of the Namunyak Wildlife Conversation Trust.  An area of over 850,000 acres which lies folded around the southern corner of the fabled Mathews Mountain Range of northern Kenya. A visit to Sarara is a chance to experience a wilderness like no other in Africa.

Ol Malo Nomad was just launched this month and is a mobile riding/walking/camel/helicopter safari that we run out of Ol Malo, our property in northern Kenya.   Ol Malo Nomad takes you one step further to explore the mountains, painted valleys, deserts and Kenya’s best kept secrets.   Our adventures are varied and tailor made: from exploring by helicopter and fishing vast lakes, to trekking on foot, horse or camel with mobile camps into the unknown.  Ol Malo Nomad also offers guest the opportunity to get more involved and support the Samburu eco-system through the Samburu Trust by walking with the Samburu people to secure their land, its wildlife and their shared future.

These are just a few of the “small beginnings” happening at the Bush and Beyond properties