The Emakoko

The Emakoko is a twenty-bed luxury lodge artfully built into the side of a valley on the Mbagathi River, which borders the Nairobi National Park.   Great care has been taken to incorporate the beautiful fig trees which grow on the cliff where the lodge is situated. All rooms look straight over the river and into the Park.

The Emakoko is situated on 15 acres of land bordering the National Park, on one side of the plot is the Mbagathi River – Nairobi National parks natural fence line and at the top of the plot is the Emakoko River, where the lodge gets its name. Entrance to it is through the park, which is an ideal way to escape the Nairobi traffic. The lodge is surrounded by the most beautiful trees, including the majestic Migumo (fig) trees which play an important part in Kenya’s traditions. A large variety of bird life can be seen around the lodge, from Green wood pigeons to our two resident eagle owls who keep a beady eye on the other residents.

The lodge itself is  a mere 25- minute game drive from all important locations – Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Wilson Airport and all the main city attractions.  It is the location that makes The Emakoko so special, the National Park provides a buffer between civilization and the Lodge and yet everything is still within easy reach.

The Emakoko allows people to start and finish their safari in the wildlife environment they have travelled so far to enjoy. Within 20 minutes of clearing customs they can now be viewing game in the amazing Nairobi National park.  The only “transfer” delays likely to be encountered en route to or from The Emakoko are the natural pauses to watch a pride of lions or waiting for a Rhino or journey of Giraffe to cross the road.

Whether you are enjoying an Emakoko cocktail in the viewing area or simply a coffee by the pool overlooking the river, relaxation is assured.  There is also the chance to see our resident hippo, who also likes to keep an eye on you. He can be seen grazing on the lawn outside the rooms in the early evening or the morning.

If stress is what you are escaping from, and rest is what you need, then The Emakoko is the perfect place. At times the silence can be almost deafening during the day, and the nights are often filled with distant noises of wild animals going about their nocturnal business.

The Emakoko is a family owned and run lodge.  Emma and Anthony Childs have run lodges in some of the wildest and most beautiful parts of Kenya.  They have finally returned home to manage a lodge which is the best of both worlds – bush and city all in one!  They look forward to welcoming you either as a first-time visitor or as a returning friend.

The Emakoko – Step straight into Africa

Game drives – day and night to see the wildlife and beauty of the Nairobi National Park

Shopping excursions – into Nairobi to various shops & craft markets

Visits to the Giraffe Center, Nairobi Safari walk &  Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

Community visits


Helicopter trips (additional fee)

By visiting The Emakoko every guest will be paying a conservation fee of USD$40 per adult and $20 per child which goes towards maintaining the most unique national park in the world, the Nairobi National Park.

Anthony Childs was born in the UK and moved to Kenya at 5 months old where he spent most of his life. He was then educated in the UK and came back to Kenya in the early 90’s – his passion was wildlife and in particular reptiles, and it was this passion that has eventually led him to The Emakoko.

Emma Childs was born in Nairobi Kenya and lived most of her life here. She was educated in the UK and South Africa and returned home to pursue a career in wildlife, this eventually led her into the hospitality industry and finally to building a lodge with the rest of the family.

Emma and Anthony were married in 2006 and have their two children William and Netty, they look forward to welcoming you either as a first-time visitor or as a returning friend.