Lobolo Camp

Lobolo Camp situated on the western shore of Lake Turkana, east-north-east of Lodwar, provides an ideal camp from which to experience the unique Turkana culture, and, the lake; and is the base for their aptly named five day Jade Sea Journey, navigating across the lake to Sibiloi National Park on the north eastern shore, with its famous pre-historic fossil sites; then visiting Central Island National Park on the return boat journey to Lobolo Camp.

Midway along the western shore of Lake Turkana sheltered in the hollow of a spit lies Lobolo, which in the local Turkana language means a place of abundant water, indeed it is an area of natural springs whose waters have given rise to a verdant oasis of foliage and distinct animal and birdlife. It is a discreet oasis with a special atmosphere of tranquility and a halcyon spirit, “Far from the Madding Crowd.”

Adeptly integrated into this milieu are the eight ensuite safari tents, with spring water showers, flushing toilets and washbasins, nestled within the extensive palm grove. Each tent has its unique remarkable varied view of the sandy beach, the lake, Central Island and the distant shoreline. Explore Lobolo’s forest and spring, spot unique birds as often you will sight visiting migratory species. Relish the unspoiled beach and climb the cliff which is a backdrop to the camp and marvel at the panoramic view of the spectacular combination of features before you that can only be experienced and cap it with a sundowner atop the cliff.

Lobolo Camp is a nexus for journeys on and around Lake Turkana and we offer custom itineraries and services to satisfy our clients, such as archaeological, geological, educational, fishing, filming trips, besides the set itineraries that we offer.

Fishing – on Lake Turkana for Nile perch, Tilipia and Tiger fish

Boat Trips to Central Island – A boat trip across the Lake to see Central Island and the flamingo Breeding Lake, the Crocodile Crater and more

Cultural & village visits – to meet the Turkana tribe

Joyce Chianda-Scheuerman and the late Halewijn Scheuerman initially incorporated Hiking & Cycling Kenya, a tour company in 1991. They specialised on mountain bicycle safaris for years as well as camel and donkey back-up walking safaris in northern Kenya. At the same time organized camping safaris, which included among others walking safaris in Lake Bogoria, Hells Gate NP and around Masai Mara. And climbing Mt. Kenya as well as hikes in Mt. Elgon National Park, Saiwa Swamp Park and Cherangani Hills.

In 1993 Jade Sea Journeys was born and with it new ideas were born, and incorporated in the already existing safari market. And with time Hiking & Cycling Kenya was faced out and Jade Sea Journeys took over the mantle and have since spread its wings beyond our borders.

Joyce is a tour industry veteran with over 30 years experience. She is widely travelled mostly within Europe, and has a wealth of experience in tour guiding, management and marketing. Born and raised in Kenya her unparalleled passion and inherent comprehension of tour operations equipped her to meet the various demands as well as aspirations of clients and operators alike. Unquestionably, her knowledge of the different regions is exceptional. When she is not guiding and hosting clientele in locations such as Lake Turkana and the Omo River basin in Ethiopia, she is the pillar behind the smooth running of the office.

Halewijn worked within the tourism industry from 1985, when he organised and guided mountain bicycle tours in Morocco and walking safaris in Atlas Mountains before coming to Kenya. Halewijn, who spoke several languages, was active in guiding and hosting groups within Lake Turkana and the Omo River and was instrumental in building the fleet of 9 boats. By pooling together their knowledge, experience and resources, Halewijn and Joyce pioneered the setup of operations and safaris in these unique and challenging ecosystems. In the same vein the years spent working, brainstorming, travelling and pursuing a dream together allowed them to learn together and from each other.