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Our Purpose – Life Changing Experiences

November 1, 2011

I have just returned from the Adventure Travel World Summit in Mexico and the theme was “Prosper with Purpose” and that got me thinking about our purpose.  We believe our purpose is to provide our guests with life changing experiences and there are 3 unique things about all of our properties that allow us to do this successfully – our private conservancies, our authentic cultural experiences and our hosts & guides.

Our private conservancies provide our guests with wide open spaces to explore on a game drive, on a game walk, from the back of a horse, camel or mountain bike and even gliding down the river in a tube or over the hills in a biplane.  Our private conservancies range in size from 45,000 acres to over 500,000 acres in which we are free to roam and experience the wildlife and the landscape in peace.  Imagine walking out amongst the giraffe or riding with herds of zebra or driving deep into the bush to see lions with their kill and having a sundowner while watching.  All of these experiences are on offer to our guests within our private conservancies.

One of the things that we take great pride in are the authentic cultural experiences that our guests can experience while they are staying with us.  Because the local communities are such an integral part of our properties, they welcome our guests into their villages, homes and celebrations.  The Singing Wells at Sarara, visiting your guides homes in the Mara, the women’s beading workshop at Ol Malo, walking with the warriors in Lewa and meeting the children at the school funded by Ol Lentille – all of these are experiences you can enjoy.

Our hosts and guides are truly our magical ingredient and without a doubt they are what make our guests’ experiences so special.  We believe that you are staying at our homes (and in many cases you are) when you visit our properties and we want you to feel at home.  There is nothing like sitting around the fire or the table and listening to the stories about growing up in the bush or out walking with your guide as he teaches you the art of bushcraft or spending an afternoon on horseback learning about ranch life or discovering the history of this magical place while out on a game drive.  All of this is possible thanks to our wonderful hosts and guides.

So come and discover our purpose and let us provide you with a life changing experience at any of our Bush and Beyond properties.