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House in the Wild Conservation

July 25, 2019

The award winning Enonkishu Conservancy has a large density and variety of game within it, and has become a world class conservation area, where animals migrate freely in between the neighbouring conservancies.  There is a resident pride of lion, plenty of leopard and in the dry season elephants take refuge in the shade of the forests and browse on the branches of the trees on the Kileleoni Hill.  Night drives are offered and honey badgers, porcupines and ant bears can often be seen.

Conservation fees are distributed to the landowning community and allow guests to traverse through Enonkishu, Lemek and Ol Chorro Oiruwa conservancies, offering some spectacular landscapes and wildlife grazing area.  

Enonkishu Conservancy [Maa for place of healthy cattle] is a member of the Global Savory Hub Network, which is run under Holistic Management, enhancing environment, communities and revenues for the pastoralists and landowners in the region.