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Get Back to Nature

August 24, 2011

So it has been over a week since our last blog post and that it because I was away on holidays. Yup, spent some time in the bush getting back to nature and have to say that I have come back relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling like my soul has been restored.  And that got me wondering just why that it is and why being surrounded by nature makes us feel so good.

I think the wide open spaces and sense of freedom one feels in a natural setting helps us to feel reconnected.  Of course, we gain a renewed sense of being part of the natural world when we are smack dab in the middle of the wilderness with nothing but animals, sweeping grasslands and a few acacia trees for miles and miles.  But you also get reconnected with yourself – that time in the afternoon to just chill in your tent or by the pool provides lots of time to do some major reflecting and thinking.  Some of my biggest life decisions have been made when I’ve been relaxing in the afternoon or sipping my morning coffee outside my tent or cottage.

You also slow down when you are in the bush and begin to move with the rhythms of the natural world.  This new tempo allows you to have longer conversations with your travelling companions or with the local people, sometimes wandering into subject matters that you can’t possibly imagine.  You also clear your head of those “busy” thoughts that plague you back in your day to day life, you know the ones – the “to do” lists, the “I should” lists, etc.  With those thoughts out of the way, your mind is free to wander and stumble on to all sorts of wonderful new things & ideas.

Finally, I believe we simply feel better when we are around beautiful things and nothing is more beautiful than the natural world.  Simply witnessing a group of elephants playing in the mud or a mother cheetah grooming her cubs or baboons frolicking in the trees can make us smile and feel good. Seeing a lilac roller perform their aerobatics or a secretary bird strutting across the plains or the fan dance of an ostrich makes us “oooh” and “ahhh” with appreciation.  Add to that a glorious sunrise complete with a symphony of birds or a jaw dropping sunset with a beverage in hand and you simply have to hand it to nature.  There is tuly nothing else that can make one feel alive, connected and happy to be a part of this great big beautiful world.

So come, visit the bush and get back to nature on safari – you’ll feel so much better for it.