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Diversification is Key

August 8, 2011

Well, it has been an interesting few days for the global financial markets and that has me reflecting on the favourite advice of my stockbroker – “diversification is key to your portfolio”. And I realized that this advice is reflected in the Bush and Beyond portfolio and one of the many things that make our properties so special. Not only is the portfolio diverse in style of accommodation but also in type of landscape; variety of wildlife and even culture.

The Bush and Beyond portfolio is made up of many styles of accommodation. From luxurious tented camps complete with en suite bathrooms and king size beds to gorgeous, intimate lodges, complete with beautifully appointed rooms; to private houses available for exclusive rental including your own swimming pool; to our luxurious villas each decorated in a different style and furnished with your own butler and even a full service spa to the more modest but enjoyable tents for our mobile riding & walking safaris. There is truly something for everyone including the spoiled princess with her pea.

The other wonderful diversification that is found within the portfolio is the variety of landscapes. We have properties in the vast grasslands of the Masai Mara where you can witness one of the greatest shows on earth – the annual wildebeest migration. We have properties in the Chyulu hills which Ernest Hemmingway called “the green hills of Africa” but not only do you find hills here but also the “forests of mist” and lava fields which are remnants of the eruption of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We also have properties in the beautiful Kenyan highlands with the slopes of Mt. Kenya forming a beautiful background. Or how about in the amazing Matthews Mountains home to some of the oldest plant life found on earth. You can also find a Bush and Beyond property in the largest reserve within Africa, the Selous in Tanzania. And let’s not forget our newest property right in the heart of Nairobi but still within the “bush” of Nairobi National Park.

Finally, the Bush and Beyond portfolio is diverse in wildlife – you can see completely different species of mammals, plants and birds at our different properties. For example, at our properties in the Masai Mara & the Chyulus you will see wildebeest, Masai giraffe, Masai ostriches and common zebras but moving north to Ol Malo or Ol Lentille you’ll see no wildebeest but you will see Reticulated Giraffe (whose pattern is most copied by fashion designers), Somali ostriches (with blue necks not pink) and Grevy zebras (who are shorter & fatter). If you visit Lewa Wilderness, you’ll be almost guaranteed to see white & black rhino which are often very hard to spot anywhere else. If you are at Sarara you can see species of orchids & cycads in the mountains which are not commonly found anywhere else. And in the Selous, imagine seeing over 170 species of birds in just 2 days!

So, like my stockbroker says diversification is the key to any portfolio and in particular to the Bush and Beyond portfolio of East African safari destinations. Come and see for yourself!