Bush and Beyond is a proud member of Ecotourism Kenya. As a member, we accept our responsibility to protect and enhance the natural and cultural environment of the areas in which we operate as an integral part of the larger environmental system of the planet.

Some of our successes we are proud to share:

  • Educational projects such as building and outfitting schools, providing educational scholarships and paying teachers’ salaries
  • Conservation projects such as re-forestation to address land degradation and employing Community Game Scouts to provide security to land and wildlife
  • Predator Compensation schemes which pays members for any livestock killed by predators
  • Health care facilities including mobile clinics and permanent structures
  • Arts and crafts workshops (furniture, beading, rug making) which provide employment opportunities to over 350 Masai and Samburu
  • Support the Koiyaki Guiding School through donations, sponsorship of students, creation of internships and employment of graduates
  • Various wildlife reintroduction and translocation projects
  • All of our properties are designed to have low environmental impact and practice energy and water conservation
  • Support of various research projects
  • Over 2.5 million acres of land protected under conservation