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Best time to visit the bush

June 15, 2011

The number one question I get asked is “when is the best time of year to visit?”.  Having visited in every month, I have to be honest and tell you there really isn’t a bad time to visit, it is just different depending on what month you are there.  So here are a few of the highlights in each month:

January – the holiday crowds have started to disappear and the days are warm & sunny.  The wildlife is plentiful and as it is getting dryer they are easier to spot.

February – this is one of the most popular time for our returning guests as it is lovely & peaceful.

March – the short rains start arriving at the end of the month so things are greening up.

April – the start of “green” season, fewer crowds, lovely temperatures and the butterflies & blooms are spectacular.

May – still “green” season so less expensive, less people and still amazing wildlife experiences.

June – the grasses are long & green and the wildlife is plentiful.

July – the start of our busier seasons so more tourists and we are eagerly awaiting the amazing migration to begin into Kenya.

August – the busiest month in Kenya for tourists as one of the natural wonders of the world arrives – the annual migration.  But there is more than just the Masai Mara so make sure to visit the other areas.

September – the migration is still in the Mara but starting to head back south to Tanzania.  A lovely time of year weather wise with warm days & cool nights.

October – one of my favourite times of year.  Less crowds, wonderful climate and the wildlife is spectacular plus with shorter grasses so much easier to spot.

November – this can be the rainy season but that doesn’t deter the animals so still a fantastic time to visit

December – the grass is green again, the plains game are having babies and you can’t beat a holiday celebration in the bush.

So please visit us anytime as it is always a wonderful time to come!