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All Great Things have Small Beginnings.

May 10, 2012

“All great things have small beginnings” said Peter Senge, an expert in organizational learning.   As spring arrives and the buds push forth, I find myself thinking of this quotation.  And so to when I think about all the wonderful “beginnings” at our Bush and Beyond properties – some small and some quite large.  Beginnings such as the successful opening of The Emakoko, the amazing new buildings at Lewa House and the exciting refurbishments at Mara Plains Camp.

The Emakoko is situated on 15 acres of land bordering the National Park and opened in January.  This  twenty-bed luxury lodge artfully built into the side of a valley on the Mbagathi River is owned and managed by Anton & Emma Childs.   Great care has been taken to incorporate the beautiful fig trees which grow on the cliff where the lodge is situated. All rooms look straight over the river and into the Park. The lodge itself is  a mere 25- minute game drive from all important locations – Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Wilson Airport and all the main city attractions.  It is the location that makes The Emakoko so special, the National Park provides a buffer between civilization and the Lodge and yet everything is still within easy reach. The Emakoko allows people to start and finish their safari in the wildlife environment they have travelled so far to enjoy. The only “transfer” delays likely to be encountered en route to or from The Emakoko are the natural pauses to watch a pride of lions or waiting for a Rhino or journey of Giraffe to cross the road.

Lewa House has seen a homecoming with the return of Sophie and Calum Macfarlane – Sophie grew up on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and now she, Calum and their children are making Lewa House their home.  Located in the very heart of the Conservancy, this small owner run lodge offers unique access to all corners of this world renowned conservation area. Perched on the crest of a hill, Lewa House looks out over a range of ecosystems that make up the protected area and offers excellent access to all aspects of this rich wildlife arena. Through a range of authentic activities guests are able to unlock and understand what is being achieved here. The cottage style rooms are spread out along the hillside, all looking to the expanse of wilderness to the north.  There are 3 family style cottages, each comprising of two en-suite rooms and a large shared veranda which have been elegantly refurbished. The brand new 4 single room cottages are being built with sustainable, ecological principles in mind whilst being exceptionally comfortable and spacious, with wonderful views across the surrounding landscape.  Lewa House will re-open in June 2012 and the Macfarlane family is eager to welcome you.

Mara Plains Camp is in the process of a number of small beginnings.  It is currently closed until June 2012, as the much requested family tent is built.  This tent will consist of two luxury en-suite tents connected by a shared living room area.  At the same time, Mara Plains will carrying out some improvements and soft refurbishments in the public areas and the back-of-house.  One more exciting addition will be completed when the camp re-opens in June and that is the Swarovski Optik binoculars which will be in each tent.  These SLC 8 x 42 HD Field Binoculars are the top in their class just like Mara Plains Camp.  Finally, the camp will close again in November and reopen in March after having done a complete and total renovation.  Small beginnings indeed.

These are just a few of the “small beginnings” happening at the Bush and Beyond properties and we truly anticipate great things to come of them.   Please visit soon and see for yourself.