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6 ways Bush and Beyond makes the world a better place

August 5, 2015

Bush and Beyond believes that it is our responsibility to protect and enhance the natural and cultural environment of the areas in which we operate. Not only does this care for the wildlife, land and people in Kenya where our properties are, but because our conservation activities are an integral part of the larger environmental system of the planet. Our membership in Eco Tourism Kenya, while significant, is a small part of what Bush and Beyond does to make the world a better place. We are proud to play a part in helping the people and animals in East Africa live healthier lives – here are six initiatives that we are especially proud of.

Land Protection

Bush and Beyond conservation projects in Kenya

Working with property owners and conservation agencies, Bush and Beyond has helped protect over 2.5 million acres of land under conservation.

Health Care

Bush and Beyond has helped build health care facilities including mobile clinics and permanent structures throughout Kenya. For example, Lewa House worked with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to support three clinics, the Lewa, Leparua and Ngare Ndare. Supporting up to 90% of staff and local communities, the clinics are operated by nurses and doctors trained in Kenya and give medical care to thousands of people each year.


Photo credit: Robert Merrick via the LWC

Building and outfitting schools, providing educational scholarships and paying teachers’ salaries is another initiative that Bush and Beyond is committed to. Lewa Wilderness proudly supported the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in its efforts establish to the Lewa Education Programme.

Supporting the Koiyaki Guiding School
The Koiyaki Guiding School equips local Masai youth with the skills needed to be successful in Kenya’s growing tourism industry. Bush and Beyond supports this unique school through donations, sponsorship of students, creation of internships and employment of graduates. Jackson Looseyia is also Koiyaki’s patron.

Reducing environmental impact

All of our properties are designed to have low environmental impact and practice energy and water conservation. Initiatives include investing in solar panels, building structures and furniture from local and sustainable materials, recycling all plastic and removing all waste from camps and even using the sustainable gum tree in fires.

Wildlife reintroduction and trans-location

It’s hard to believe, but between 1977 and 1995 over 30,000 elephant and rhino where killed by poachers in the Sarara region.  In 1993, Ian Craig of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy persuaded the neighboring Il Ngwesi community to become the first community conservation initiative in the north of Kenya.  Today, several thousand elephants are living and breeding peacefully in the southern Mathews Range area. Bush and Beyond is proud to have supported the LWC in its efforts.