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The 8 most amazing experiences in Kenya

November 6, 2013

From horseback safaris to simply sitting and soaking in the scenery, visiting Kenya with Bush & Beyond is an amazing experience. Here are 8 Kenyan experiences that will change your life forever.

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Starry, starry night.

November 30, 2011

One of the most amazing things you discover while on safari in the bush is the amazing night sky. The stars form a glittering carpet across the deep ink coloured sky. Those of us who live in the city forget what it is like to see all those stars away from the lights of buildings & street lamps. It is truly awe inspiring. We love giving you the chance to experience these night scapes in a variety of ways – a star bed, a star camp, a star bath, a night drive or a good look through a telescope.

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Our Purpose – Life Changing Experiences

November 1, 2011

I have just returned from the Adventure Travel World Summit in Mexico and the theme was “Prosper with Purpose” and that got me thinking about our purpose. We believe our purpose is to provide our guests with life changing experiences and there are 3 unique things about all of our properties that allow us to do this successfully – our private conservancies, our authentic cultural experiences and our hosts & guides.

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